Double Shower Door Rollers

Double Shower Door Rollers

Height adjustable top or spring loaded bottom. These measurements are for these specific door roller sets.

  • Wheel diameter: 23mm x 6mm
  • Fitting diameter: 8mm
    – Glass Hole diameter may vary from 9 to 12mm
  • Edge of Glass to center of fixing hole: 18mm
Below there are 3 wheel sets, they are

  • NOT5: Top Wheel Set
  • NOB3: Wheels in the vertical center of mount
    – Can be bought as a set with NOT5
  • NOB5: Wheels are at the bottom of the mount
    – Can also be bought with the NOT5

Please note these will still fit when your door has a slightly larger hole and the hole center to edge of glass is slightly smaller and the wheel diameter is slightly larger or smaller than the measurements above.

For the Double Shower Door Rollers to work well each door requires – 2 rollers per door (top) and 2 guides per door (bottom).
They are sold as 1 top or 1 bottom or 1 of each top and bottom.
That way you can chose what you need.

These Double Shower Door Rollers should fit some Nouera Showers, check measurements, top and bottom.

Lower down the page are pictures of an old part that this item can replace.

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The images below are for the bottom set of wheels but the same is true for the matching top set.

Compatible with NOT5 top wheel set

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