Shower Door Parts Size Guide

Measuring Shower Rollers, Wheels, Knobs and Seals

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C3W top wheel assembly 5 Shower Door Parts

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What we need are:

  • Some in-focus photos of your part, preferably 2 or 3 photos from different angles, including some photos of any undamaged parts, these will help us to help you.
  • Experience tells us the most important measurements are the size and the position of the hole in the glass (if there is one)
    – Overall dimensions can change between manufacturers but the screw holes of equivalent parts will stay the same
  • Some dimensions would be great, wheel diameter and width etc.
  • Measurements that cover as much as you can in relation to the 3 images below..

Please Note:

To save you time, before you contact us please check the appropriate page for the parts you need.

Door Pivots/HingesWheels and GuidesShower Door Seals/MagnetsWastes & TrapsDoor Handles

Edge of Glass and hole center dimensions top and bottom Which Shower Part
shower door parts Dimensions - Which Shower Part
shower door parts sizing (2) Which Shower Part

Shower Door Seals

A Clear photo of the end showing the ‘shape’ with nothing obscuring it. You may need to remove the seal from the door to get a clear photo or two. Something similar to the photos shown.

As many measurements as you can give us,  these are only a guide as there may be 2 or 3 seals that could fit your installation.

Glass Width is the most important
– often between 6 and 10mm

A photo of the surface it is sealing against, is it the wall or another part of the door (possibly glass) and or the threshold it is against. 

*Please note*

When adding images to the form below the only file types accepted are .jpg, .gif, .png and .pdf.
When using an i-Phone or uploading .jpeg or .heic/heif files. These will not come through (we are working on it). When you click ‘Submit’ you will receive an email from us (You may need to check your spam). If your photos are NOT attached please reply to that email with your photos attached.

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We'll then see if we recognise it and let you know if we can source it for you.

Shower door parts to Steam Stopper
Shower door parts to Steam Stopper