Shower parts will be placed in a courier bag.

Goods must be signed for on collection to get Carriers insurance

Delivery is estimated up to 10 days NZ wide.

Only 1 freight charge per delivery.

$10.00:Small spares freight Auckland
$12.00:Vertical Door Seals Auckland

$10.00:Small Spares North Island Urban
$17.00:Vertical Door Seals North Island Urban

$17.00: :Small spares freight NI Rural
$24.00Vertical Door Seals freight NI Rural

$14.00:Small spares freight SI Urban
$24.00:Vertical Door Seals freight SI Urban

$17.00:Small spares freight SI Rural
$30.00:Vertical Door Seals freight SI Rural

Shower door parts to Steam Stopper
Shower door parts to Steam Stopper