Shower Magnetic Door Seal

Shower Magnetic Door Seal is either a stick-on or Slide in magnetic strip.

Some magnetic seals for showers are becoming hard to find, so we’ve procured these Magnetic strips that give you some choices.

Stick on Magnetic Strip

  • 12.5mm wide x 1.6mm thick
  • Sticky on one side, sticks well even over a gap
  • Sold as 2 x 2m strips (magnetic north and south) so they stick to each other
  • Suitable for Pivot or hinged shower doors

Slide In Magnetic Strip

  • 8mm wide x 2.5mm thick or 10mm wide x 2.5mm thick
  • Slides into a slot usually aluminum
  • Suitable for Pivot or hinged shower doors

Check out the Magnetic door seals for 6 and 8mm glass on this page first 

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