Showermaster Wheels and Guides

Showermaster Wheels and Guides

These parts are for the sliding door from Showermaster
1 fixed panel and 2 sliding panels

Each sliding door has 2 Storks with wheels (4 sets needed to replace all)
The middle door uses 2 short Guides
The end door uses 1 short and 1 long Guide

Showermaster Wheels and Guides are Priced as per each item

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Fitting Guide for Showermaster Wheels and Guides
To Remove the existing stalk
1.Remove the panel from the Shower Door Frame
2. Pull out the bottom rectangle locking block from the side of the door. Leaver the block out using a pair of side cutters.
3. Undo the Stainless Steel screw on the side of the door and remove.
4. Pull out the round adjustment item
5. Pull the leg vertically out of the frame

To reinstall
1. Push in the new adjustment wheel into the round hole.
2. Slide the peg and turn the adjustment screw to engage the 2 parts, this is how the door is adjusted.
refit the Stainless steel screw but do not tighten yet.
3. Rehang door in position and use adjustment wheel to adjust door height with no binding.
4. Only once you have completed the adjustments, remove door panel from frame to make it easier to drive in the locking Block.
5. Tighten up the Stainless Steel screw.
6. Reinstall door panels in Reverse order.

Installation Hint
From one of our installers, to make life easier installing the Adjustment wheel,
Trim a small section off the inner section of the stalk with a sharp knife as shown in the photo below
Modified Showermaster stalk

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